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Male 28, IN

Years ago when I was in my ManWhore zone I dated a girl for a few months. I thought things were going pretty good and then i heard she had cheated on me with her X-bf. I went old school and started manwhoring it up again and Porkin' my X while I was still "Dating" ths girl. One morning she calls me while i have a random one night stander on her knees blowing me and tells me that she heard i was cheating on her. I just told her ya paybacks a bitch. She said she wanted to come and get her things, I told her to wait for a while she's still here sucking me off as Im talking to you on the phone.

- Amazing, way to shut 2 women up at the same time!

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Male 18, OH

my senior year of high school there was this stuck up annoying girl who wanted to have sex with me and some of my friends. She also was very unattractive and was shaped like Eric Cartman from South Park. One day she was at a party and my friend 'Al' was there. She was all over him and asking where I was. (I wasn't near there, thank god). Anyway, she's horny as hell and Al throws her into a bedroom where my other friend, Steve, is laying drunk, tosses a few condoms on the bed and runs out the door. Long story short, poor Steve lost his virginity.

- Yeah I bet Steve's ass is really sore

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Male 26, NC

Over the holiday break my best friend from high school and I, were going through our senior yearbook and pointing out all the girls we had slept with. We soon realized that as we went younger and younger in grades that more and more girls were pointed out. We figured out that our sexual escapades have trickled all the way down to the 6th grade from when we were seniors, and that is only in our high school. We are so going to hell!!

- That's the best part about college, you keep getting older but the freshman stay the same age

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Male 20, TX

I have this chick roommate who is actually pretty hot. We mess around sometimes and have sex. You know it's just kind of convenient for both of us. The other day she was sucking my dick on the couch, and we heard a knock on the door so everything stopped. She opened the door and it was her boyfriend who greeted her with a big kiss!! The best part was that me and him got to hang out and play wii for the next two hours while she was showering and getting ready. So yeah i'll just be joining everyone on the bus.

- So let me get this right, you're Eskimo brothers and he knows what your dick tastes like

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Male 21, OH

So I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 3 years and was straight up whoring it up. After about a month er so my buddy we'll call him Elvis introducted me to this chick named Amber one night. Didn't think much of it so I left shortly after. Now Amber was FUCKING hot so that was dumb #1 so yea going to hell for that but anyways. Elvis tells me the next day that Amber wanted to hang out again so the next weekend we do. Well after several hours of hardcore boozin I'm asked to give Amber a back massage and she takes me into my buddies dads bedroom. Didnt matter cause he was passed out on the couch so coast was clear. Well the massage lasted about 30 seconds and seriously with the blink of an eye poof there was some serious nudity on her part...cool. Well after a night of awesome ass crazy anamalistic monster sex we wake the next morning, and the first words out of her mouth were "My husbands gonna be pissed." My answer "Hope that bus is warm cause its gonna be a long ride to hell" No seriously no bullshit.

- Oh the bus is warm for sure, just keeps getting hotter the closer we get

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Male 22, OH

So on weekend I went down to KY to party with a few friends I hadn't seen in a while. All was going well and the party was awesome until this one douchbag showed up completly uninvited...shocking I know. So anyway as the night goes on said douchebag manages to piss off the majority at the party. So being the devious person that I am when I'm drunk and pissed off I began to plot against him. Plot...get said douchebag blacked out and then fuck with his face. Didn't take long for the Doucher to pass out cold. When I was convinced that Doucher was completly oblivious th the world i producted a sharpie and began to write a conciderable amount of racial insults all over his face. Including but not limited to... KKK, Fuck n*******, white power, swashtikas, and more graphic things that im not going to post. I'm not a racist person at all and while this doesnt seems like a bus ride to hell yet it was all part of the bigger picture. The next morning we convinced Doucher to go to the corner store where we knew an Afro-American was working and pick up more beer. Some time passed before the douchebag showed back up at the house BADLY beaten and bloodied. Not knowing why so many people were pissed off at him...until he went to the bathroom to wash his face...Yea last we everheard from that guy LOL! So anyways can I have a front seat on the bus?

- Sorry man front seat is taken by said doucher, seems he forgot the beer, ultimate sin!

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Male 33, NC

One night I went home with a women from the bar. After a round of sex I really had to fart but I did not want to do it next to her so I held it in for awhile. When she got up to use the bathroom I decided that it was time to let it out, but it ended up being more than a fart. I sharted really bad all over her sheets. I grabbed my clothes and left as fast as I could before she came out of the bathroom. I never herd from her again for some reason.

- Dinner for 2 $55, Condom for random sex $0.50, Leaving shit in her bed ... priceless

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Male 44, NC

I use to have a buddy (fellow cop) call or page me 30 minutes into any blind date I had. If it was going well, no problems. If I needed to bail fast, I told her I had a emergency with the agency and ran out the door. If I ended up scoring, I got up at 5am and told her I had to work. I would put my uniforms on, walk her to her car and tell her farewell. I then circled the block and returned home to enjoy the rest of my morning sleep, alone.

- Sounds like the old dine and dash or smash and trash, works everytime

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Male 25, NC

One time in college, we tied a phone cord to one of the girls door handles in the freshman dorm. Then we tied the other end to the girls door across the hallway and made it tight. Since the doors open inward they could not get out in the morning. It was so funny hearing them scream and cry trying to get out. We stood outside laughing and refused to help. Finally one of the girls got the door open enough to get a pair of scissors out to cut the cord. They were pulling on the door so hard that when she cut it the door swung open and hit her in the face! It left a nasty gash. We then laughed even harder!

- Proof that it is only funny till someone gets hurt, then it's freaking hilarious

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Male 25, OH

On a couple of occasions I have pulled the "Upper Deck" Once at a Bar that I really don't like and once about a year ago at my Ex-girlfriends house. What can I say?? Shit Happens.

- Right on, you get the seat next to 2 girls and their 1 cup

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